Consolidated Coin Company P. Limited, is a leading integrated manufacturer and supplier of Copper alloy Strips in various alloys. That are widely used in the manufacturing of case cups for small arms, brass discs and Coin Blanks. It all started in the year 2002, with acquiring the complete foundry and Copper Alloy strip making division from British Aerospace System (BAE) system / U.K. The manufacturing plant from UK, who were the largest supplier of ammunitions to the Ministry of Defence U.K. and exporting to several Countries around the world, was set up near a satellite town of New Delhi in India, to produce in access of 10,000 MT’s of wide range of Copper Alloy Strips and other products. Today, our Strips are used in a wide range of industries, especially formeeting the global demand for case cups, coinage, automobile industry etc. The variety of strips, the high quality and the degree of technological and metallurgical sophistication has positioned 3C as a leading supplier in India and abroad.

Copper Alloy Strips

3C produces strips in various alloys such as Brass, Nickel Silver, Cupro Nickel, Aluminium Bronze etc. Our Strips are produced on modern production equipments and an effective and efficient quality assurance system alongwith a highly qualified work force ensure that the strips meet extremely high quality standards.
The quality of 3C products starts in the melting works followed by casting, double sided milling,
intermediate rolling, annealing, pickling and superior final rolling. In Copper Alloy Strips : Only with the advancement of metallurgical technology, melting casting alongwith integrated & sophisticated cold rolling & finishing technology. 3C is able to meet the customer demand with stringent product tolerances and services.

Coin Blanks

As an extension to the foundry division, it was decided to set up a modern and integrated coin blank manufacturing facility. Krupp VDM Gmbh a global leader in the coinage business, whose origins go back to 1874, was identified as a partner. Krupp supplied its equipments and technology to 3C and with this a modern world class coin blanks manufacturing facility was commissioned in India.
3C is one of the world’s leading and integrated manufacturer and supplier of Circulation Coin Blanks, regularly meeting the annual coinage requirement of Central Banks and mints around the world. We produce ready to strike coin blanks, in all possible shapes sizes and alloys, with high quality and degree of technological and metallurgical sophistication, which has positioned us as the preferred source of supply among Central Bank of India, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe and South America etc.

Case Cups & Bullet Jacket Cups

As an extension to our rolled products and Coin Blank business, it was decided to start manufacturing Case Cups of various calibres, to meet the demand of Small Arm Ammunition manufacturers.

Our annual capacity for the production of Copper Alloy Strips is in excess of 10,000 MT and a large portion of our capacity is for supply of Strips and Coils for manufacturing Coin Blanks, catering to the Coinage Strip requirements of several Mints around the world. The remaining capacity will now be dedicated for Cups and Discs for the local and the International markets.

Various cartridge case cups and bullet jacket cups can be manufactured in our facility on State-ofthe art Cupping presses. The process starts with manufacturing of Strips in our foundry and the desired thickness, width and alloys are produced on our effective and efficient downstream equipment’s and thereafter, sent to the Cupping presses. Heat treatment, washing, drying and rigorous quality inspection system ensures accuracy in size and quality, alongwith mechanical and surface properties for further processing.

Quality Management Systems

3C implements world class know how and technology and has partnership with leading equipment suppliers in the world. We operate a quality management system, which complies with the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 and invaluable combination of high standards of quality, reliable deliveries, competitive prices and efficient services are the hallmark of 3C.